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Sandlot Baseball – Memories Around the Horn

June 5, 2010

Three friends and fans of baseball share some of their sandlot memories:

Kim Parrott of Glendale, Arizona

“My early baseball memories are probably somewhat different because I am a ‘girl’ but I thought I would share a little. I grew up in Maryvale, Arizona, on  a cul-de-sac which was a perfect area to play baseball or softball as it was like a small baseball field — albeit asphalt, not grass! We played a lot at night once the sun went down — summer nights in Phoenix were pretty warm.  My knees still have old scars on them from falling on the asphalt time after time.” 

“When I was about 10 years old, I joined a girls’ softball league held at my elementary school — P.T. Coe School.  The team captain picked the name of our team — Little Bits.  We all hated the name but it reflected how small we all were. We were probably the smallest girls compared to the other teams. We lost every game that year.  It was humiliating. Oh well… it was still fun.”

“Now I play fantasy baseball — much easier on the knees and psyche!”

 Tony Gauquier of Rockland, Massachusetts

“In 1961, while Ted Williams still played for Boston and Roger Maris was trying to reach 62 homeruns, the kids in Kingston, Massachusetts, played sandlot baseball at the Tyson’s Pony Field. Playing outfield was the hardest because you had to avoid the pony poop, while still catching the ball. Patches, the neighborhood dog, would retrieve the ball. Sometimes, he would make us catch him to get the ball back. My brother, who was legally blind, would walk into the ball and have to take first base. Mother Tyson waited for the game to end and gave us glasses of Fizzies or Kool Aid. I still love baseball.”

 Julie Bader of Phoenix, Arizona

“Mostly, I’m a fan of the emotions once felt on a warm summer day near a baseball diamond (a reason why Field of Dreams is a favorite movie). I was never a player. Actually, I was quite a klutz but with two brothers, mostly male cousins, and having married into the Bader sports-loving family, I seem to have found myself hanging around lots of sports venues. I may not quite understand the intricacies of the sport, but genuinely appreciate the manner in which we are, time and time again, brought together.”

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  1. It’s great to hear from the ladies every now and then. It’s easy to forget sometimes that a lot of women are baseball fans, too! Nice sharing, Bill

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