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Sandlot Baseball – The Splendid Summer of 1961 (Part 1)

July 6, 2010

One of my presents for Christmas 1960, was a 1961 diary. I recall how I could hardly wait for the New Year so that I could begin chronicling the life of a soon-to-be 10-year-old boy. 

 When I opened the book this weekend a folded piece of paper fell onto my lap. Right away, I knew what it was. I carefully placed it beside me and started reading about how I spent the summer of 1961. 

 Here are a few of the entries: 

Thursday, June 22: We got out of school for the whole summer. I got something from the ice cream man. We had a Little League game at Watson Park but we were rained out when we were leading 8-2. 

Monday, June 26: I played baseball up Adams Park. We saw 2 toads. I have growing pains in my left leg. 

Saturday, July 1: We had to have our yard dug up because we have sespool trouble. 

Monday, July 3: We went to the Quintree Drive-In to see Ben Her. We didn’t get back till 2:00 A.M. 

Friday, July 7: The men were taking down part of Lincoln School and I took pictures. They let us break windows. We played baseball. 

Tearing Down Part of Abraham Lincoln School


Tuesday, July 11: Dad fixed my bike. Mum took Debbie, Stevie and me to Swift’s Beach and I got a bad sunburn. I went riding on my bike. 

Saturday, July 15: It’s my birthday. I got 2 transistor radios and a whole bunch of other stuff. I went to Fenway Park to see the Red Sox play Baltimore. The score was Red Sox 2, Baltimore 1. I got $13 for my birthday. 

Sunday, July 23: We went to Cape Cod Craigville Beach for the day. We ate in 2 restaurants. 

Craigville Beach - (L to R) Stevie, Debbie, Richie


Sunday, August 6: I threw the ball against my pitchback.  We went under the sprinkler. We went to the Dairy Queen. 

Saturday, August 12: We had swimming lessons at Swift’s Beach. We learned the dog paddle. I read my comics on the shase lounge. We played baseball. I listened to my transistor radios. 

Tuesday, August 22: Stevie and me had a pass. I went to the doctor and got a polio shot. 

Thursday, August 24: We went to the movies and saw Snow White and the 3 Stooges. 

Saturday, August 26: I rode my bike. We made ice cream sodas. I went to Confession. We had our baths. We played baseball. 

Friday, September 1:    __________________________ 


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  1. Hi Rich, Love the diary entries. Sounds like you had a great summer back in ’61. Can’t wait to see how it ends 🙂 Good stuff, Bill

  2. big o permalink

    1st ….. Happy Birthday !! (next thursday) .

    2nd ….. you got to throw rocks at a school’s windows ?
    i can only imagine the exhilaration .

    • Thanks, Big O. Yeah, that was pretty cool when the workers let us throw rocks at the windows. Can you imagine that kind of thing happening today?

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