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Sandlot Baseball – Didn’t Make It To Fenway, But I Did Write The Book

August 31, 2010

East Braintree Library Book Mark - 1965


When I wasn’t playing baseball in the summer, I was reading books on a chaise lounge in my backyard. As pastimes went, reading was always a close second to baseball. Few things could rival the turning of pages of a Hardy Boys detective novel or a Chip Hilton sports thriller. I could see myself solving cases with the Bayport boys like The Secret of the Old Mill. I could almost feel the leather of the football thrown to me by Chip Hilton as I saw myself dashing down the field at Valley Falls High School for a TD in A Pass and A Prayer.  

Deep down, I believed I loved reading books even more than playing baseball – but I wasn’t about to go public with my little secret. Not in our group of die-hard sandlotters.  

The only other kid in the neighborhood who had an inkling of my bookworm-ish tendencies was Mikey M. It was Mikey M with whom I campaigned for John F. Kennedy in 1960, walking up and down Hayward Street in Braintree with homemade wooden signs urging passing cars to “Vote for JFK.” It was also Mikey M with whom I made the long journey to the far side of town to the East Braintree Library next to the Weymouth Landing line every two weeks to drop off and pick up our 5-book limit. I must say, the two of us got a lot of mileage out of campaign signs and library cards.  

My two dreams in life in 1960 were to one day play for the Boston Red Sox or write a book about baseball. Well, the dream of hauling down sky-high fly balls at Fenway never did come true. The one about writing a book, however, did. But it’s not about baseball.  

It’s about inspirations: how to rally them, how to put them in play, and how to drive them home. With INSPIROBICS – Working Out Your Inspirations, you won’t need a glove or a big league uniform. There’s nothing to catch but inspiration and all you need is your imagination’s workout suit. I’m hoping you’ll get a lot of mileage out of this one…  

Didn't Make It To Fenway, But I Did Write This Book


To learn more about INSPIROBICS – Working Out Your Inspirations, please check out

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