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Sandlot Baseball – Meet the Red Sox Day, 1962 (Part 2)

September 16, 2010

( Excerpts from my newly-released book, INSPIROBICS – Working Out Your Inspirations –

Part 2 

As I followed him down the ramp, he asked me if I needed any more autographs. Not knowing who he was, I handed him my book, and he signed it, “Vince Orlando.” Years later, I would learn that he was the team’s equipment manager. When I told him I was disappointed that not all of the players were wearing their uniforms, he pointed to one who was, standing alone by his locker. “How about that guy?” It was Number Eight, Carl Yastrzemski. 

I suddenly felt winded as I approached the young ballplayer who was twice my age. I tried to remember how many doubles and triples he had hit so that I would have something to say to impress him, but nothing came to mind. I handed him my book and silently watched him write his name. 

There was a moment of quiet reverence between us. Somehow, I knew next season would be a good one.… 

(Click to enlarge autographs) 

Red Sox Autographs: Carl Yaztrzemski and Chuck Schilling


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