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Sandlot Baseball – Sox Were Just Warming Up in 1967

September 25, 2010

Looks like the Red Sox will come up short this year but not all is lost. I just happen to have a few old newspapers from 1967  when Yaz and the boys from Boston were making some noise at Fenway and around the American League.  For the next couple of weeks, I’ll be posting stories, box scores and photos from the 1967 Red Sox “Impossible Dream” season.   

And what a tight race it was. Take a look at the American League standings on September 19, 1967:   

(click on standings to enlarge)   

Standings 9/19/67 (Patriot Ledger)


The teams were so close and evenly matched that the “experts” were reluctant to pick a winner. The Boston Globe’s columnist, Harold Kaese, wrote the following article on September 10, 1967:   

(click on story to enlarge – once it’s opened, you can click on it again to enlarge even more)   

Boston Globe 9/10/1967


The day before this story ran, Red Sox pitcher, Dave Morehead, pitched a clutch game against the Yankees, beating them, 7-1. Here’s the story from Globe sports writer, Bob Sales, with the box score:   

(click on story to enlarge – once it’s opened you can click on it again to enlarge even more)   


So, as you can see, it’s not time to despair, Red Sox fans. It’s time to travel back 43 years with a team that made the baseball world sit up and take notice. All season long, we carried our transistor radios to fields all over Braintree listening to Yaz, Rico and George Scott bring the Sox back, time and time again. What a season!   

Over the next few weeks, I’ll also be including a few other interesting items from the Boston Globe and Patriot Ledger newspapers,  September and October 1967:   



  1. Rich, Apparently, you are quite the pack-rat. Funny to see both the Yankees and the Mets so far down in the standings. Not a surprise about the Mets, but the Yanks have seldom been so bad in their history. That was one hell of a pennant race. Cardinals, though, looked pretty dominant, and I guess they were.
    Interesting treasure-trove of stuff, my man.
    Good work, as always, Bill (The On Deck Circle)

  2. Bill, You’re right. When it came to Red Sox souvenirs, I was a pack rat. I also have the ’86 season newspapers… Maybe I’ll share some of those clips next year.Thanks for your comments – I appreciate them. Rich

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