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Sandlot Baseball – Red Sox and September’s Swoon Song – 1967

September 29, 2010

(Continuing series of the 1967 Red Sox “Impossible Dream” season)

Here are the standings with 3 games left to play in the season:

(click on standings to enlarge)

The day before, the Sox has lost an important game to Cleveland, a game in which the media called the players’ performances, “lackluster.” That all-too familiar pessimism was creeping into New England again. Eddie Stankey, the Chicago White Sox manager, had been bad-mouthing the Red Sox, especially Yaz, all season. He said it would be but a matter of time before Sox would come undone. After the Cleveland game, it looked like he might be right, although Yaz came through again with a 3-run homer. The following article, written by Pres Hobson of the Patriot Ledger,  pretty much summed it up:

(click on article to enlarge, then click on it again to magnify)

The bottom line – the Sox needed help from everyone. Yaz could not do it all by himself. We were bracing ourselves for what would probably be a collapse from which we would never recover…

Here’s what was playing at the local theaters on the South Shore:

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