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Sandlot Baseball – Red Sox, Delirium and One Game Left To Play, 1967

October 1, 2010

On October 1, 1967, the Boston Red Sox were tied for first place in the American League with one game left to play in the regular season. They had just beaten the Minnesota Twins the day before behind the brilliant pitching of Jose Santiago and another Carl Yastrzemski clutch homerun. Here’s one of the stories with the standings posted in the Boston Globe:

The Red Sox were on the brink of something the likes of which the baseball fans of Boston had not experienced in more than 20 years. The town was DELIRIOUS!

And here’s one of the guys responsible for our delirium…

We were riveted to the stories in the Sunday Globe that morning. The front page headlines were:

“Saturday Spectacular – Last Act Today”

Later that day, the Boston Red Sox would play their last game of the regular season – with Jim Lonborg on the mound…

And up there on Braintree’s South Junior High School field, a dozen or so faithful sandlotters played a pick-up baseball game with a transistor radio cranked as loud as it could go.

  1. ERIC LARSON permalink

    Great memories of my childhood days in Bedford, Mass. playing little league and sandlot ball. I often fell asleep with my big transistor radio hidden under my pillow listening to Curt Gowdy call the Sox games.
    I appreciate and thoroughly enjoy your writing style.
    Thanks for the memories.

  2. Eric,
    Thanks for your comments. I, too, remember Curt Gowdy who used to open many broadcasts with something like, “It’s Red Sox baseball brought to you by Narragansett Beer. Hi neighbor, have a ‘Gansett.”

    Do you remember some of the old timers like Ike Delocke, Eddie Bressoud, Gary Geiger and Jose Tartabull? And don’t forget Frank Malzone, Don Buddin and Pete Runnels.

    Take care.

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