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Sandlot Baseball – World Series (Red Sox vs Cardinals) Games 3-6, 1967

October 11, 2010

(continuing the 1967 Red Sox “Impossible Dream” season)

If you were a Boston fan in 1967, then you would rather forget what happened in Games 3 and 4. The Cardinals took both games by the scores of 5-2 and 6-0. Our backs were to the wall. It looked like the Cardinals would finish us off in Game 5 but we almost forgot who would be throwing for the Sox. Jim Lonborg pitched a 3-hitter, winning 3-1, to keep the Beantown boys alive. 

The heading in the Boston Globe on October 10, 1967, read: “The Red Sox Come Back.” 

There would be a Game 6 – in Boston. The Red Sox lumber showed up and here are a couple of the guys who drove the Cardinal pitching staff nuts:

(photo: Patriot Ledger)

And there was another guy who chipped in:

(photo: Patriot Ledger)

The Red Sox won, 8-4, and the “Cardiac Kids” were knocking on the door. Game 7 would be played at Fenway Park on October  12, 1967. It would be Jim Lonborg against Bob Gibson, the classic pitching match-up everyone had been waiting to see.

One Comment
  1. Truly a classic World Series. We can only hope to have one half as exciting this year, although, unfortunately, no Sox. Well, maybe next year.
    Nice little series, Bill

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