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Sandlot Baseball – “Defending The Green Monster,” Game 6 Reflections

October 12, 2010

After yesterday’s post, I received this email from Dan Shea, a fellow Braintree sandlotter:

Hello Rich,

Your stories regarding the 1967 Red Sox and their trip to the World Series brought back some great memories. What a year it was. I can remember staying awake late into the night with my brother Wally and listening to Ned Martin broadcasting the games from the west coast. It’s amazing that we were able to get up the next morning and still catch the school bus, although I think that I might have missed it a couple of times, and either hitchhiked or got my Dad to drop me off on his way to work.

One memory that will be forever etched into my mind was sneaking out of school on the morning of Game 6 with my friend, Joe. We walked from the old Braintree High School to the on-ramp of the Southeast Expressway by Archbishop Williams High School, and hitchhiked into Kenmore Square then walked to Fenway Park. Heck Rich, now that I think of it, we could have waited for you to abandon classes at Archie’s and join us on our escapade.

When we arrived at the park, we realized that we were witnessing something special. All sorts of media trucks and TV and phone cables were positioned throughout the street along with 35,000 other people anxious to see the Sox continue with their comeback. It was then that we started to look for tickets. Just before the first pitch was thrown out, a young man came up to us and offered us two “standing room” tickets for $10.00 each. When we balked at what we felt was an outrageous price, he dropped the price to $15.00, for both. We jumped on them and got to the “standing room” section in right field just as the National Anthem was concluding.

And, what a game it was! As your newspaper clipping points out, Rico hit 2 “taters” (as teammate George “Boomer” Scott liked to say) along with Yaz continuing to tear up opposing pitching with another homerun.  Leaving Fenway that afternoon, we hitchhiked back home knowing that the 1967 Red Sox were about to become World Champions with Jim Lonborg set to face Bob Gibson in Game 7!

We felt confident that he and his teammates would once again perform the magic that they had all season long. But, as we all know, it would be many years and lots of heartbreak before the Red Sox finally achieved World Champion status. However, that 1967 team breathed new life into the franchise and brought hope to New England. The 1967 Red Sox team was the impetus that made Red Sox Nation the success it is today.

You know Rich, I still have the ticket stub for Game 6.

Sox 67 – ticket

I keep it tucked into a painting/print by Ray Ellis that hangs in my office. The name of the print is “Defending The Green Monster”. My wife purchased it for me out on Martha’s Vineyard for my 35th birthday. It is a perspective of the field and Green Monster from the home dugout. Number 16, Jim Lonborg is pitching, with Rico at shortstop, Yaz in left, and either Joe Foy, Dalton Jones or Jerry Adair at third base.

Defending The Green Monster

The 1967 Red Sox will always play an important part in my life and probably most Red Sox fans who remember 1967. Hope you enjoy the World Series ticket stub and Ray Ellis print as much as I enjoyed your stories.

Dan Shea

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  1. I’m glad Dan shared those cool memories. My, how times have changed. Bill

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