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A Paper Boy from England

December 30, 2010

Mark Walmsley is a sportsman from England.  He’s played basketball, rugby and football most of his life. He, too, delivered newspapers as a kid. Here’s his story:

“Back in the 70’s in Hull, East Yorkshire, England at the age of 14, I started my first job as a paperboy, there where 5 of us who were employed at Southcoates Lane News agency. My round had about 45 papers that I delivered 6 days a week, (twice a day Monday to Friday and three times on a Saturday.

Setting off in a morning at 6:45AM, I had my blue plastic delivery card with my run worked out, l checked and loaded the papers into my paper bag made of sacking, got on my 12 speed racer (the envy of the street) and set off. I covered Holderness Rd and onto Garden Village (Built by a revolutionary industrialist James Reckitt for all his staff) back onto Holderness road and Southcoates lane again, 50 minutes of hard cycling. Unlike the US, every paper had to be folded and hand delivered through every letter box on every front door AND pushed all the way through.

I repeated the round again at 4:30PM delivering the “Hull Daily Mail” but on Saturdays, I opted for an extra 6:00PM round to earn an additional 50 pence which was delivering the “Hull Sports Mail”. This delivery was lighter (about 25 papers) and was a very distinct publication in that it was Green in colour. Mainly it was about the local football team HULL CITY, back then in the old 4th division playing the likes of Halifax Town and Rochdale.

So in all weathers in all seasons 13 deliveries a week my payment was £3.65
About £20 in todays money.

In the 70’s I always remember the £ being really good against the $ so back then £3.65 would have been $7.30c – Nowadays £20 is worth $32.00c.”


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