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Rich Kenney was born and brough up in Braintree, Massachusetts. His grandfather, the late Frank Casey, used to take him and his brother, Steve, to see the Red Sox play at Fenway Park on many occasions. Die-hard baseball fans, they liked the game so well that they played ball even indoors during the winter as evidenced by this photo: 

Rich Kenney at bat with his brother, Steve, catching, and his grandfather, the late Frank Casey, calling balls and strikes in March 1960.


 Still a baseball fan five decades later, Rich is a motivational speaker and freelance writer. His screenplay, MITTFITS, which is a baseball-themed romp in the desert with an unlikely gang of bandits, brawlers, and once-in-awhile believers, has been warming diligently in the bullpen and is awaiting the call from Hollywood visionaries. 

When not writing about baseball, Rich talks a good game to The Mad Dog, another faithful Red Sox fan: 

The Mad Dog, Faithful Red Sox Fan

  1. Hi Rich,

    Hope that your screenplay makes it to a big screen near me in the near future!



  2. Thanks for stopping by My Hmmm Collection and clicking the like button. I’m curious to know how you found me. By the way, who was pitching?

    • Sorry for the confusion. I found your post on WordPress and enjoyed it. You replied to an old blog I used to do on sandlot baseball from the early 60s. I should have had it set up so that you responded to my new one entitled, Faith Checks, a blog about faith and filling up with faith. The WordPress blog address is

      Again, sorry to confuse you. I still need to do some work on the Personal Settings with WordPress, I guess. Anyway, I liked your blog.

  3. Rich,

    I’m glad Kelly introduced us. You are a brilliant writer, and I’ve enjoyed reading your heart. It’s funny how grandfather’s inspire our future. My grandfather loved to fish and tell stories. It’s funny… I never aspired to become a fisherman, but ended up becoming a fisher of men! Hugs.

    Praying Hollywood calls you soon.

    Onward by faith!

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